FC Gifu – In/out/contract renewals

It is a time of squad upheaval for most J2 clubs, and FC Gifu are no exception. Here are some of the main moves/non-moves for the Greens so far this off-season.

In: Tsukasa Masuyama

Comes in from JEF United Chiba, after a loan spell at Matsumoto Yamaga. He hasn’t played a lot of games, and @chibanews on twitter reliably informs me that he is a utility player. He was born in Gifu so that might give you an idea as to why he was targeted by FC Gifu.

Out: Koichi Sato

Scored 10 goals in 33 appearances last season. Knows where the goal is, best demonstrated by scoring a stunning hat-trick against eventually promoted Shonan Bellmare. Very surprised that he was released.

Out: Kyohei Noda

The former undisputed Number 1 was displaced by Shogo Tokuhisa and failed to regain his place. He was a great servant for FC Gifu.

Renewed: Shuto Tanaka

One of the most consistent players for FC Gifu. The defence hasn’t been Gifu’s problem, and Tanaka is one of the reasons why.

Renewed: Kazuki Someya

Gifu’s live-wire winger, he is one of the main sources of creativity for this side. In a side that has a serious lack of creative juice, he is essential for the progression of this side.

I’m sure there will be more additions and subtractions from this squad, so I will be sure to keep you updated as and when they happen.


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