The Backroom Staff

While the re-shaping of the playing staff continues apace, the coaching staff under manager Koji Gyotoku has been finalized.

Head coach: Hiromasa Suguru

He was coach last season, but has been promoted to head coach. He is known as someone who likes to focus on the passing side of the game, so his promotion to head coach might mean a change in style for Gifu, if not tactics.

Coach: Naoto Kojima

An interesting appointment. He has only just completed his ‘B’ Licence, but has been attached to the Nike elite training academy in Tokyo, and has been coaching with local side Omori FC in Tokyo.  He is pretty young at 34, so hopefully he can inject his youthful enthusiasm into FC Gifu.

Assistant Coach: Keiju Karashima

Karashima comes to Gifu after spending time at the Japan Soccer College in Niigata. He is very familiar with the team/stadium/area in Gifu as he was coach of the reserve team back in 2008 – just as they had been promoted to the J.League.

Goalkeeper Coach: Tomoaki Sano

Sano comes to Gifu after the release of previous ‘keeper coach Sergio Gorbetti (as an aside, Gorbetti has opened his own Brazilian restaurant in nearby Kakamigahara. The word on the street is that it is pretty good). Last season, Sano was the ‘keeper coach at INAC Kobe, working with Japanese international Ayumi Kaihori, and before that he held the same position at Albirex Niigata & Mito Hollyhock.


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