Sponsors are like London buses……

It has been a busy few days for fans down by the Nagara river. Let us just recap on what has happened this week.

The main news is that FC Gifu have secured sponsorship from no less than FOUR companies. They will have sponsors on their shirt front, shirt back, sleeves & shorts. The sponsors are:

Himaraya Sports: A sports chain store with it’s head office in Gifu.

KC Card: A credit card company based in Fukuoka, but with close links to the J.Trust investment vehicle

Sports Club Copin: A gym/sports club chain based in the Tokai area. They are run youth and community teams in nearby Kani & Kakamigahara

Mori Urban Planning: Yes, that Mori Urban planning based in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. Again, they have close links to J.Trust.

It is great news that Gifu have managed to procure sponsorship. The relationship between Himaraya Sports and the club makes perfect sense when looking at the actions and deeds of president Daijirou Kunda, who has repeatedly stated that he would like the club to become more locally influenced, while the same can be said for Copin. The tie-ups with KC Card & Mori are almost certainly a result of J.Trust promoting the FC Gifu brand through companies in which they have invested. (Incidentally, Mori have today announced another football related sponsorship deal – this time with capital city slickers FC Tokyo) It is difficult to see any immediate drawbacks to these sponsorship deals. While financial details haven’t been released, they are sure to bring in a substantial (for Gifu at any rate) wedge of money to the club. The club will display the sponsors on the shirt for the first time when the Greens host Kyoto Sanga in a pre-season friendly on Sunday.


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