I’ve joined the ever growing Japanese football site www.japanfooty.com to write regular articles on the JFL.

As most people already know, this year is an important year for third tier teams as they look to get promotion to J2 or look to seal a place in the 2014-starting J3. The league, while not the best standard in the world (obviously), does have some appeal. There are some decent teams at the top of the table and there are a handful of very good players who could conceivably play in a higher league. Players like Shunta Takahashi, Yuji Unozawa, Kazuhito Kishida are players that are catching the eye this year. Rather like J2, it is a highly volatile, highly unpredictable league. Exhibit A is last week, when none of the top three sides won.

If you like your JFL with a few restaurant puns thrown in, check out Sushi football’s JFL menu

All Japanese football is covered on the site. Angus McLeod covers J1 and Japanese abroad, J2 Kanto Bites covers J2 and the beautifully named “Viva Relegationistan!” (this year’s version of the excellent CSI: relegationistan) focuses on the bottom of J1.

You can also access the excellent J-Talk Podcast, a weekly podcast featuring comment and opinion from across the Japanese game. If you haven’t done so before, it is well worth a listen.


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