FC Gifu 0-0 Fagiano Okayama

Well whaddya know? Another goalless stalemate at the Nagaragawa.

Gifu retained Takagi in goal for this one and they went with Shun Nogaito to replace the suspended Hirofumi Moriyasu in the defensive midfield role.

Visiting Fagiano were without Yuki Oshitani, the ex-Gifu crowd favourite. I’m not sure whether that was due to injury or not, but I would assume that it was as he was coming off scoring a brace last week.

To be fair, this game was mostly about the pressing and pressure from the visitors. They found space almost at will behind Gifu’s “wing backs” of Arata Sugiyama and Kazuki Someya. Fagiano quickly discovered that when they pulled Sugiyama & Someya towards the ball, they could quickly turn the ball around them and there was acres of space to be had. Yet despite Fagiano having all this space to play with, they very rarely found a final ball to trouble Desmond & Masuyama.

Fagiano were the first to threaten when Ishihara picked up the ball on the edge of the box, but his goalbound shot was deflected wide by last week’s goalscorer Shtuo Tanaka. Okayama almost took the lead their initial dominance had warranted on 12 minutes. Ren Sengoku’s nice through pass found Shinichiro Kuwada but his shot rolled agonizingly against the post with Takagi beaten. Tomoyuki Arata was next to try his luck as he found a yard of space in the box but he could only fire his shot straight at Takagi. It was all Fagiano at this point and Ryo Tadokoro was unfortunate to see his shot deflected behind by Arata Sugiyama. Half time came and Fagiano must have been wondering how it was still 0-0, such was their superiority.

The second half descended into an “attritional” affair, meaning Okayama had most of the ball, but they just couldn’t find a way past Gifu’s three central defenders. There weren’t many chances at all in the second period, although there was one moment of excitement for Gifu as Higuchi latched on to a through ball and hit a shot that whistled just wide of Nakabayashi’s left post. Tadokoro tried his luck with a free kick but Takagi was equal to it. Full time, and a draw that won’t linger long in the memory.

I suppose Gifu should be happy with a point against a team that will be in and around the play-offs and every point is seemingly hard-earned. Fagiano, for all their nice, neat passing, didn’t really trouble Gifu that much and I think Takagi (who was solid in goal) only had a couple of actual saves to make. All in all, two teams that didn’t really merit a win.

Next for Gifu is the phenomenon that is V-Varen Nagasaki and they will come to Nagaragawa armed with ex-Gifu striker Koichi Sato. I can’t see another 0-0 next Saturday night.


5 thoughts on “FC Gifu 0-0 Fagiano Okayama

  1. sebi June 3, 2013 / 1:37 pm

    Good to see that Gifu can sneak a point from teams that fight for play-off placement. Would love to see them win every now and then though. But, hey, room for improvement.

    • stuartgifu June 3, 2013 / 9:46 pm

      Plenty of room for improvement Sebi! I’d settle for them being involved in exciting games, although I wouldn’t say no to a win every now and then 😉

  2. gifurichy June 3, 2013 / 6:11 pm

    Totally agree with all you wrote there in that report.

    I think that if Gifu can’t perform against Nagasaki this week then it might be time to replace Gyotoku.
    The man focuses too much on defense and 7 goals in 18 games is just …
    I know he doesn’t have the players or finances to make a table topping team but he should take a look at Nagasaki. They aren’t a team full of star players and financially aren’t well off either, but they play with determination and a lot of energy and look where they are now.
    Defensively Gifu are playing better lately, but as we all know, if we can’t score, we can’t win. All these 0-0 and 0-whatever games are driving the fans away.

    It will be a tough game against Nagasaki, and won’t be easy to win.. But Gifu have to show something and really have to up the intensity.

    What are your thoughts mate? Should he stay or should he go?

    • stuartgifu June 3, 2013 / 10:21 pm

      Agreed mate. I’ve now been to 7 home games and only seen Gifu score once, Sugimoto’s goal against Montedio. (I missed the Toyama game, and it would have to be the most exciting game of the season!!)

      I sympathize with him to a certain extent because he doesn’t have any money what-so-ever, but you look at teams like Nagasaki, Tokushima Vortis, Roasso Kumamoto and there is no discernible reason that they should be so much better than Gifu. Cities are of a roughly similar size, as are the catchment areas , attendances not so different but the difference is that they believe they can score goals and win games. I don’t see that with Gifu unfortunately. Maybe the players just need a change, maybe they are too set in their ways. Maybe a change is for the best, but to be honest I can’t see it happening soon.

      I just want to see some attacking intent. Remember the Yamaga game? That is what watching football should be like. I’d like to see two start up front against Nagasaki, but I doubt it will happen. It isn’t going to be pretty watching Koichi Sato do his thing against us, that is for sure. Nagasaki have threats from all over: Sato, Mizunaga, Yamada, Ogasawara…..they are a team that is set-up to go and attack and they are reaping the rewards. My only wish is that Gifu do the same on Saturday.

      • gifurichy June 5, 2013 / 10:12 pm

        Exactly. Higuchi had belief when he came back to the team but I think the whole atmosphere at the club is dragging him back.
        There needs to be some changes made to get players who can hold the ball, and move forward. Players like Higuchi and Mio (well all the forwards!) can’t score goals when they are getting average ball that is static and far from the goal!
        It could even be worth taking Hattori off for a spell and throwing one of the younger kids like Mizuno or kiyomoto into the mix, just to bring some freshness to the team. Also maybe Masuyama should be used in the midfield instead of the back??
        Sugimoto up front with Higuchi??

        Anything that could be seen as a move towards attacking football would be great for everyone involved!

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