For all his other faults as goalkeeper, Shogo Tokihisa has somewhat of a midas touch when it comes to stopping the ball from 12 yards out.

Saturday night’s save from Giravanz Kitakyushu striker Tomoki Ikemoto was his fifth of a remarkable campaign. The full penalty stats against Tokihisa this season read:

  • 7 penalties
  • 5 saves
  • 1 miss
  • 1 goal

Penalty 1 – Tetsuya Okubo (Yokohama FC)

In the opening game of the season Tokihisa gave us a taste of what to expect. The penalty was a dubious one, witness Desmond after Tokihisa saved it to see how he felt. Tokihisa dived low to his left to keep this one out. Gifu eventually lost the game 2-0.

Penalty 2 – Kentarou Shigematsu (Ehime FC)

This one came after a clear penalty given away by Shuto Tanaka, who was booked for his troubles. Shigematsu then proceeded to blast the ball high & left over the crossbar.

Penalty 3 – Ante Tomic (Ehime FC)

Same game, different taker. This time, the penalty was awarded when Hiroshi Sekita was adjudged to have wrestled down an Ehime player in the box. Tomic struck his penalty well enough, but Tokihisa got down low to his right to ultimately preserve a 0-0 draw for Gifu

Penalty 4 – Kazuki Hara (Kyoto Sanga)

So far the only person to beat Tokihisa from the spot is Kyoto’s ex-S-Pulse forward. He coolly sent Tokihisa the wrong way after Mitsuhira was “fouled” by Tsukasa Masuyama.

Penalty 5 – Daisuke Asahi (Kataller Toyama)

Again it was Desmond who gave this one away, but it was pretty dubious. He supposedly brought down Keisuke Kimoto but it looked like the he had already lost control of the ball. In any event, Tokihisa saved the resulting penalty by diving low to his left in much the same fashion as the save against Yokohama FC.

Penalty 6 – Satoshi Yamaguchi (JEF United)

Des. Again. This time, to be fair to my main man from Italy, nobody can quite work out how this was a penalty. I can’t see anything from the video, no JEF players appeal. In fact, most players think that a free-kick has been awarded to Gifu. In all honesty, it is a pretty poor penalty from JEF skipper Yamaguchi and Tokihisa doesn’t have to move a lot to keep it out. But still, a penalty save is penalty save.

Penalty 7 – Tomoki Ikemoto – Giravanz Kitakyushu

Guess who conceded this one? But again, it was never a penalty. The foul took place outside the area. But never fear, Tokihisa had Desmond’s back again as he dived to the left to beat the ball away. Commentators will say it was a good height for him, but you have to guess right and get there.

Personally, I wish Gifu would stop giving away so many penalties, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter if you have a goalkeeper of Tokihisa’s ability between the sticks. If Gamba get a penalty on Wednesday, national team legend Yasuhito Endo will be the next man to try and Shogo.