New signings

FC Gifu today unveiled two new signings, signings which they hope will help propel them out of the bottom two in J2.

Firstly, they have signed Kayne Vincent, who has had a lot of clubs despite being only 24 years of age. He has been at Cerezo and Gainare Tottori in Japan, as well as stints in New Zealand, Australia and India. This is a youtube clip of his highlights in the Indian I-League.

They have also signed young Korean midfielder Dong Hyun Do from Brisbane Roar in Australia.

Allied to the signing of Yuki Nakamura last week, it shows that the club are actively looking to influence their own destiny this year. Roasso did it by “releasing” their manager while Gaianre have thrust their survival on the shoulders of Genki Nagasato. It is a bold move from Gifu, and one which will hopefully pay off. Also, the decision to go younger is an interesting one. If it brings more energy and exuberance then that will only be a good thing.


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