This is the new hashtag for FC Gifu. Roughly translated as “don’t give up” it is designed as a rallying cry to the fans ahead of the relegation battle which will see Gifu fight for their J2 survival. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be seeing a lot of this in hashtag in the coming months.

The hashtag coincides with another twitter campaign – 岐フライデー – in which the official site and Twitter feed are encouraging fans to send in their messages of support on Friday between 5pm – 12am. The aim is to try and get the hashtag trending in Japan.

It might be very easy to ridicule this idea, but I think that this is a great idea. Social networking by football clubs in Japan seems to be way behind the times, but this initiative by FC Gifu is a step in the right direction. Anything that connects the fans with the club has to be good thing. Twitter is in vogue, so why not harness that power?  I’ll be sure to send my message/tweet of support through!