Focus on the league: Fagiano Okayama 2-1 FC Gifu

FC Gifu bowed out of the 93rd Emperor’s Cup after a 2-1 defeat at fellow J2 side Fagiano Okayama.

Instead of saving key players for the crucial games coming up, Gifu fielded more-or-less their starting 11 with Stippe playing up front with Mio supporting him.

Gifu went one behind in the 20th minute when young midfielder Yuzuru Shimada put the home side in front. Things got worse for Gifu when Hiroshi Sekita was sent off just after the half hour and Fagiano compounded the misery by going 2-0 up thanks to a goal from Tetsushi Kondo.

Gifu pulled one back after half time through talisman Kazuki Someya but despite the introduction of Ilijovski & Hiroki Higuchi, Gifu couldn’t force an equalizer.

The Emperor’s Cup is not so important in the grand scheme of things for Gifu (and maybe for Fagiano, considering the measly crowd of under 3000). Much more important games are on the immediate horizon – Thespa Kusatsu Gunma next week and Gainare Tottori the following week. It. is these games, and NOT cup games, that will have the influence on Gifu’s season and their future.


2 thoughts on “Focus on the league: Fagiano Okayama 2-1 FC Gifu

  1. gifurichy September 10, 2013 / 6:29 pm

    I figured that we’d lose when I looked at the starting lineup. It was a great chance to put some new players in but what do we get? Mio up front…
    It would have been a great chance to see how well Stipe and Blazhe worked together, or try attacking from the start for a change. But what did we get? The same inevitable shitty first half followed by the same decent second half that just wasn’t quite enough…
    Not an important game to win, but it was a wasted opportunity. New combinations, players, formations etc all should have been tried.

    It was all good dropping Gyotoku ,however I don’t know if Karashima was the man that they needed to replace him.
    Still, as you say, these two games will be where he is ultimately judged.
    I’d say we need at least four points from these two games to have a chance of staying up.. 3 points minimum vs Tottori…
    Unfortunately I can’t see us beating Gunma. I don’t think we’ve won there yet? I could be wrong.. But a win there would be pretty huge

    • stuartgifu September 10, 2013 / 8:14 pm

      Yeah, it is easy to say in hindsight but there are two things that strike me about Karashima’s appointment.

      1. He was Gyotoku’s right hand man & Seconds coach. How much of a different approach has he brought in? Nothing seems to have changed. Not the first half performances, not the formation, nor the majority of the players. Vincent & Do Dong Hyun have been left on the scrapheap after the game against Avispa. Maybe Karashima was too close to the previous manager.

      2. Perhaps more pertinently, I don’t think the club had any money to get an outside hire. Maybe a completely fresh face was needed to bring new ideas, fresh eyes.

      Gifu are in such a position now that the games against Thespa & Gainare are the last chance saloon. Some of the players have to understand that they are more than likely playing for their livelihoods, as if Gifu go down to J3 I can’t see how they would remain fully professional. They could go semi-pro.

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