The JFL play-offs

Today marks the start of the Regional League play-offs (全国地域リーグ決勝大会), with the prize of JFL football on offer. 12 teams are vying for the right to enter Japan’s 4th (from next year) tier. The twelve teams (nine regional league winners, plus three invitees) are split into three groups of four, with the split as follows:

Group A: Grulla Morioka, FC Korea, Norbritz Hokkaido, FC Kagoshima

Group B: FC Osaka, Maruyasu, Renofa Yamaguchi, Volca Kagoshima

Group C: Fagiano Next, Saurcos Fukui, FC Imabari, Joyful Honda Tsukuba

The competition is based on a league format, the winners of each group, plus the best runner-up, move on to the final group. They will play each other once and the winner of the league wins the competition. Some of the best ways to follow this competition are:

Also, I’ll try and keep as up to date as possible. Good luck to all teams involved.


2 thoughts on “The JFL play-offs

  1. Peter Grant November 8, 2013 / 8:17 pm

    Thanks for that info mate. I was at the games on Awaji today. I will be able to check tomorrow’s results now. Cheers.

    • stuartgifu November 9, 2013 / 9:39 pm

      Nice to be of assistance! Hope you enjoyed the games.

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