The end of season player cuts have begun. An initial five players have been told their contracts won’t be renewed. They are:

Kohei Nakashima: A forward who had started to look good until injury scuppered him during the season. When he came back to full fitness, he found that Gifu had signed three new strikers.

Blazhe Ilijovski: Almost too physical for J2, he found himself being penalized too much. He was on the end of some really frustrating refereeing, otherwise he could have been very good. His winner at Gunma, and his hold-up play against Gainare are two key reasons Gifu are still in J2.

Daiki Oizumi: A left sided defender/midfielder, Oizumi had a few games at the start of the year, but Gyotoku didn’t really seem to know what to do with him.

Ri Han Jae: Injured through the season, he came to help steady the midfield in a few games towards the end of the year. Operating best as a holding midfielder, I’m surprised he has been released.

Kayne Vincent: Immediately added some energy when he came, but was really under-utilized by Gyotoku & Karashima. Perhaps paid the price for missing a glorious chance to score against Avispa Fukuoka as he really didn’t play after that.

A really big お疲れ様でした to all these guys. I hope they find other clubs soon.