Pre-season camp

This year, as last year, FC Gifu have headed to the beautiful hot spring resort of Beppu in Oita prefecture for their pre-season camp. Unlike last year though, there is huge interest in the camp.

Firstly, the “Ramos effect” is in full swing. Broadcasters are lining up to have a chat to the Gifu boss. But also this is Masashi Miyazawa country. The ex-Oita Trinita midfielder has been much in demand in Beppu as he still has a huge fan-base in the prefecture due to the nearly 150 appearances he made for Trinita. 

Some bad news came through today as it emerged that Gifu’s Croatian midfielder Stipe broke a bone in his hand, How severe it is we are not sure, but hopefully it won’t rule him out for any length of time. 

Gifu will be in Beppu until February 15th, and will play training games against a variety of opponents including Oita Trinita’s youth team.


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