Welcome Junki!

Today, FC Gifu announced that youngster Junki Endo has been promoted from FC Gifu Second and he will play with the top team in 2014.

Endo, 19, is an attacking midfielder or forward who enjoyed a fine season with FC Gifu Second last year. He is from Seki city in Gifu prefecture (the same place as Takumi Kiyomoto) and will look to follow Tomohiro Tanaka in establishing himself firmly in the first team squad after coming up from the Seconds.

It is really good to see players, and young players at that, getting the chance to move from the Seconds to the first team as it makes others think that they can do the same, thus lifting the standard of the Seconds even further. The supporters will absolutely be willing give these youngsters every chance to succeed. Gifu supporters also like local players, and Endo, along with Kiyomoto & Masuyama, show that the club is looking to build with the local area.

All in all, everyone wishes Junki the best!

You can read the official announcement here


2 thoughts on “Welcome Junki!

  1. 016chubu February 11, 2014 / 12:43 am

    Hi, another good promotion from “Seconds”.
    > The supporters will absolutely be willing give these youngsters every chance to succeed.
    I totally agree with this. But I ‘ve got a bit of concern about their situations ’cause too many
    up front players in our squad this year.
    What do you reckon?

    By the way, I visited our official site today and found a link to your blog there!!
    It means this blog is now something like an official English site of FC Gifu, dosen’t it??
    It’s amazing!
    Please keep up the great work in the future.

  2. stuartgifu February 11, 2014 / 11:17 am

    I think it is great when players get promoted from the Second team. That is why Gifu have the Seconds, to help players reach the professional level. And it is especially good that young, local get a chance to succeed at the club.

    As for too many forwards, it might be a problem trying to keep everyone happy I suppose. But it is a long season, and the summer is very hot in Japan (as you know!) so I think that Gifu need a big squad to help keep everyone fresh. Also, because Gifu already have Nakamura, Namba, Tiago, Nazarit etc, it will hopefully give Endo & Tanaka time to relax and get comfortable in the squad.

    And yes, I’m on the official website! They want the club to be available to everyone, even if Japanese isn’t their first language. The club is quite famous these days, so they want to try and get as many new fans as possible. Hopefully I can help with this!

    Thank you for support of this blog too. It is because of people like you that the site is successful. Let’s enjoy FC Gifu again this year!!

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