If you are interested in Japanese football in English, and I’m sure you have a passing interest being here, then you should have a listen to the J.Talk Podcast.

What is it?

Every week journalists, pundits, fans speak with host Ben Maxwell (he’s an FC Tokyo supporter) about the latest issues related to Japanese football. It covers all Japanese leagues, the ACL, domestic cup competitions and Japanese players playing abroad.

What is on the latest one?

Last week I recorded two podcasts previewing the 2014 J.League season.

In the first podcast, I talked with Ben and Angus MacLeod (from the website japanfooty.com). We talked about Diego Forlan, Irfan Bachdim and all the major transfers in J1.

In the second one, Ben and I were joined by J2 expert Jon Steele (from the excellent J2 Kanto Bites blog and Twitter feed) to talk about FC Gifu, of course, and all the major news from J2, J3 and the JFL.

How do I get it?

You can get it from the J.Talk Podcast website (http://jtalkpodcast.blogspot.jp/), or you can download it from iTunes – just type J Talk Podcast into the search bar and it should come up. (this is the link for the US iTunes store) If you are an Android user, you can get it on the iPP Podcast player too.

I highly recommend listening to this if you are in any way interested in Japanese football, and want to hear what fellow fans & people who share the passion for Japanese football believe. Give it a try!