With less than two weeks until the start of the J2 season, FC Gifu have started to announce some of the plans for their opening games.

The first game, against J.League newcomers Kamatamare Sanuki, has been designated as the “Seki city hometown day”. Every home game that Gifu host has a “hometown” theme to it as a tool for promoting FC Gifu as club for the residents of Gifu prefecture, not just Gifu city. Also, Gifu currently have two players who were born in Seki in their first team squad, those being Takumi Kiyomoto & Junki Endo.

To that end, the club are putting on a special bus from Seki to the Nagaragawa memorial centre (otherwise known as Gifu’s home ground). This is a good move by the club as I’m sure plenty of people in Seki would like to go the game. Seki is around 20km north of Gifu itself and is most famous for being one of the main centres of blade making in Japan (if not the world). The sword museum in the city is a very cool experience, especially if you time it so you can see a blade being forged.

Seki city does have a website and it comes in basic English. Click here

This game will also be shown live on the local channel Gifu Chan. So people who can’t make it to the game will still be able to catch Ruy Ramos’ first game in charge.