If you are planning to come to Gifu for a game this year, hopefully this guide to the seating areas at the stadium will be of some use to you.


* This image is taken directly from the official website

  • The red area – “Super seats”

These are the most expensive seats in the house, but also the ones with the best view. Situated above the tunnel, you are right on the halfway line, if a little far away. These seats are underneath the press area.

Price in advance: ¥3100

Price on the day:  ¥3600

Availability: Don’t usually sell out, but apparently the Kamatamare Sanuki game super seats are sold out

  • The orange area – Main Stand unreserved

If it is raining, then this is the place you want to be. The area on the left as you look at the picture tends to get fuller quickly as it is more for home supporters, while the area on the right can accommodate away fans as well. Views are generally ok here.

Price in advance: ¥2600

Price on the day: ¥3100

Availability: Generally available, but if the weather isn’t so good, there is usually a run on tickets here.

  • The green area – Back Stand unreserved

This is where the majority of fans sit. If the weather is good, it is a really nice place to be. If it rains, you’re in trouble. There is very limited shelter under the roof, and space tends to get taken up very quickly. There are grass banks and bench seating in this area. The core support (the “Vamos” zone) is located in this area and sit/stand near the corner flag.

Price in advance: ¥1600

Price on the day: ¥2100

Availability: Always available, but the areas under the roof get taken up pretty quickly, as do the bench seats near the halfway line.

  • The blue area – Visitors section

This area is nearly exactly the same as the home back stand area, with the exception being that there is very minimal roof coverage. (Gamba Osaka fans can attest to that).

Price in advance: ¥1600

Price on the day: ¥2100

Availability: I’ve never seen it sold out. Depends who the team is of course.