Despite the latest dodgy weather report (, the club is still expecting a sizable crowd and measures are being put in place in anticipation of it.

Firstly, there will be a park & ride scheme from the Obusa Riverside Park (in front of the Gifu Grand Hotel). People can park there and take a free shuttle bus to the stadium. The operational hours will be from 10am until around an hour after the game has finished.

This map shows the location of the bust stops around the stadium

2014 ura 07

Secondly, because there is limited parking around the stadium, the club have secured cheap parking in Yanagase, which is located 20 minutes walk south of the stadium. Patrons with an FC Gifu leaflet/pamphlet can park all day for ¥500. From Yanagase, it is also very easy to take the bus to the stadium, or to the river and then walk to the stadium.

(the coin parking leaflet can be downloaded here)

Lastly, if anyone is planning to go to the stadium by Gifu Bus, they are running a free gift campaign. On the day, the bus screens (inside the bus) will show a “key word” which if said to someone at the FC Gifu information booth at the stadium will get you a free gift. Lucky you!

More information (in Japanese) can be found on the official site