FC Gifu 3-1 Kamatamare Sanuki – post match reaction

FC Gifu manager Ruy Ramos:

  • “It wasn’t only the young players who were nervous today, the experienced players also felt nerves before the game. There were lots of supporters & media here, and the build up to the game has been very high profile so there was lots of pressure on the players out there.”
  • “For players like (Taisuke) Mizuno and (Masanori) Abe, it was their first time to experience an atmosphere like this, so they were bound to feel some tension.”
  • “We can play a lot better, but it was the first game so I’m just relieved to get a win. We need to play better in the future though.”
  • “I think (Cristian) Nazarit has the potential to become a really good player for Gifu. He is still getting used to Japan and Japanese football, and when he does he will be even better.”
  • “At half time I told the players to try and keep the ball more, to play with more possession. We did that for a spell in the second half, but towards the end of the game we didn’t. I wasn’t happy with that.”
  • “Hiroaki Namba played well today, if he can develop his rapport with Nazarit we can produce better football in the future.”
  • “Sure, the fans were happy. But speaking from a coach point of view, I saw a lot of things that I wasn’t satisfied with. That’s why I didn’t look particularly happy during the game. I need to review the game tape tomorrow and think about how to improve these things.”
  • “I was impressed with Kamatamare Sanuki. People should give them lots of credit for how they played today.”

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