This is what FC Gifu Ruy Ramos had to say about the game yesterday:

  • “We didn’t play a perfect game, but we were better than last week”
  •  “(Alex) Santos’ set pieces will be an important factor for us this year. Yes, other teams will study and plan for them but if the delivery is good then there is very little that can be done to defend them”
  • “I wanted the players to keep going for goals even after we went 2-0 up. If Toyama had brought it back to 2-1, then it would have made everyone nervous. That is why I kept urging the players forward”
  • “We looked better in the second half when Stipe & (Keiji) Takachi were closer to (Taisuke) Mizuno and (Masashi) Miyazawa. In the first half there were too many gaps in the midfield.
  • “We know that other teams want to beat us. We half to treat every game like a cup final. We are high profile. Well, the media have made us high profile. You are all excited about FC Gifu now aren’t you? We have to deal with the pressure that comes with being a team everyone wants to beat”
  • “We’ve had two games, but it starts to get a bit tougher from now. Yamagata next, and Shonan Bellmare after that. But we want to challenge in this division. I want to see how for this team can progress, how far this team can go.”