FC Gifu in the community

Things are going very well on the pitch so far this year, but that isn’t the only facet of FC Gifu’s work. In order to be the “club of the prefecture” the club undertakes lots of community projects ranging from work with elderly through to cleaning up areas of the city.

In the month of February, while Ramos’ team were preparing for the new season, the Gifu community group were also hard at work. They took their “Sports Caravan” around the local nursing & care homes to do simple exercises and co-ordination practice with the elderly residents. More can be found here

Also in February they did two football workshops for children in the local area where the Gifu coaches taught kids some skills, organized games and generally made sure the kids had a good time. It shouldn’t need explicitly explaining, but doing events like this can engage children and their parents with FC Gifu, and hopefully that will let them go on to be supporters and/or players! You can read about that here


This photo is taken from the official website. The original is here

I’m almost certain all clubs do this kind of stuff (and those that don’t, should) but just in case people don’t realize that it goes on, I’m very happy to share it. As the season goes on, I’ll continue to post more of what FC Gifu are doing in their community.


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