On Sunday, FC Gifu will host one of their regular public viewings that allow fans to catch games that are quite far away. Sunday’s game is in Ehime, which is around 10 hours by bus, at least 5 hours by train or, conservatively, at least 6 hours by car.

Some fans will make the long trip, and massive respect to them, but some fans can’t and so the club is putting on a public viewing at Gifu’s Ukai museum. Ukai, translated as cormorant fishing, is the traditional art of fishing using cormorant birds. These birds dive into the water to catch fish close to the surface. The museum in Gifu is quite a nice, modern building and it should be a decent place to watch the game.

In a slightly deeper look at this, it is another attempt to make a connection between Gifu residents & the local football club, much like the “hometown days” the club puts on, the wrapping buses which travel around the city and football schools the club puts on for local children. Anything that puts the club in the minds of residents has to be a good thing.

Gifu cormorant fishing museum website is here