FC Gifu 1-2 Avispa Fukuoka: post match reaction

Gifu coach Ruy Ramos:

  • “We played well. Sometimes you lose when you play well, and vice-versa. But the players can be happy with how they played.”
  • “Their first goal shocked us. It took a little time for us compose ourselves after it.”
  • (asked why Tomohiro Tanaka started today) “Namba had a slight injury, and I remember that Tanaka played really in the pre-season game against Nagoya Grampus. In the last 2 or 3 weeks he lost a bit of impetus, so I wanted him to try and regain a bit of it. He got into some good positions but rushed his decision making. Still, it is to be expected for a young player.”
  • “We had to vary our approach today a little. Avispa play a pressing game, so we decided to put a few long balls in to try and pick up the second ball. It We thought a mixture of short passing and long balls would prove difficult for them to pressure.”
  • “We wanted to build on last week’s clean sheet in Ehime. But the fact that we couldn’t shows that this team still has a long way to go, and lots of issues we need to address.”

Gifu captain Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi:

  • “This defeat is pretty hard to take. We made so many chances, more than Avispa, so it is frustrating for us”
  • “We were disappointed to concede a goal from a set piece (Avispa’s first goal came direct from a long throw in). We shouldn’t be conceding those kinds of goals.”
  • “We can’t just rely on Nazarit to score and create our goals, everyone needs to do their bit.”
  • “We have to move on, but I feel that this team can build from the base that we have now.”

Gifu goalscorer Alex Santos:

  • “I think we played well today. We passed the ball well, and we created plenty of chances.”
  • “We were able to vary our style of play today as well.”
  • “To be honest, it is all about the result. So no matter how well we played today, we have to accept that we got nothing from this game.”
  • “It was my mother’s birthday today. I called her before the game (she lives in Brazil) to wish her happy birthday and to say that I would help get a win. I’m happy to have scored, but it is a shame we lost the game.”

Taken from the post match interviews at Js.Goal. The original japanese can be found here and here


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