Kosuke Kitani – 300 and counting…..

On Sunday, a brief ceremony was held before kick off to commemorate Kosuke Kitani reaching 300 J2 appearances. Kitani was joined on the pitch by his daughters for the special occasion.


Kitani initially joined FC Gifu on loan from Sagan Tosu in the middle of last season. Some eyebrows were raised because we had Tatsuya Arai playing well as well having Desmond & Tsukasa Masuyama in place. Those doubts were soon erased though as Kitani went on to form a strong pairing with Arai, one that ultimately helped save Gifu from possible relegation.

This year he has been mentor to young Masanori Abe, and the pair look like they have a good understanding and relationship. He also seems to have instantly understood Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi’s outlook as well, and is a probably the first outfield player on the teamsheet.

Since he has come to Gifu, I honestly can’t remember him having a bad game. He is a credit to himself, his family and his profession. I’m sure all Gifu fans, and fans of other teams, will join us in congratulating Kosuke. And here is hoping for lots more games!


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