Of course, the players in FC Gifu’s youth system are no strangers to the classroom, but this was a little bit of a different lesson.

The club invited professional referee Nobutsugu Murakami to come in and give a talk/lecture to Gifu’s youngsters about the laws of the game, and recent changes to them. It consisted of a selection of video clips and a Q&A session.

ルール講習会 (1)

And, of course, the players being the diligent students that they are took copious amounts of notes. This being Japan, I’m sure there’ll be a test at some point!

Hopefully this isn’t just a Gifu thing, as the more referees are allowed to explain how they arrive at decisions, the more players can at least understand where the refs are coming from.

These photos come from the official site. You can find the original photos & report here