A few comments from the FC Gifu perspective on yesterday’s defeat in Okayama.

FC Gifu coach Ruy Ramos:

“We decided to rest Kawaguchi as he was struggling slightly with a groin injury, and I wanted to see one of the other ‘keepers in action.”

“We can’t use the heat as an excuse as to why we didn’t play well in the first half, as it was the same for Okayama. Okayama were faster and more composed than we were.”

“It was good to see Stipe back, but I thought he got tired. It isn’t surprising, given the hot conditions today. I actually said to him that he would be coming off, but he asked for five more minutes play.”

“We wanted to play higher in the second half. I thought that Do Dong Hyun & Stipe would help us to do that. I also wanted Stipe to be closer to Keiji Takachi so that they could play quick, short passes and build play from higher up the pitch.”

“I was happy with Hiroaki Namba’s goal. It was a great strike, wasn’t it? He never gave up throughout the game. That is the kind of player he is. Actually, he wanted to score & win the game for his mother, as he didn’t get her a Mother’s Day present this year!”


FC Gifu forward Hiroaki Namba:

“We are disappointed because of course we wanted to come here and win. We need to remember how we played in the second half, not the first as we were much better in the second period.”

On being asked about being from Okayama: “I didn’t really think about it to be honest. I wanted to play well for my Grandfather who is sick and has been in hospital.”

“It is always nice to score, but to win is far more important. It feels like scoring has no meaning if the team doesn’t win. I’d like to score AND win the next game.”