FC Gifu 1-1 Giravanz Kitakyushu: post match reaction

FC Gifu captain & goalscorer Keiji Takachi:

  • “We should have won. When they went down to 10 men, we should have done more to keep the ball from them. We needed to keep it from them for longer periods, and to be calmer when we had the ball.”
  • “For the goal, I think the defence were distracted by the presence of Yuki (Nakamura) and Nan-chan (Hiroaki Namba), so when they missed it it left me with some free space at the back post. All I needed to do was keep calm.”

FC Gifu midfielder Masashi Miyazawa:

  • “It feels like a waste. We wanted to control the game, with it being at home, but for some reason we couldn’t.”
  • “For their goal, we missed 2 or 3 chances to clear the ball.”
  • “We’ve got to start scoring more goals to take control of games at home.”

FC Gifu midfielder Atsushi Mio:

  • It was very unfortunate that we couldn’t get a win today.”
  • The next game (against Kyoto) will be special for me as they are one of my former clubs. But if want to start in that game, I have to show the coach that I’m ready and I’m the best option.”



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