FC Gifu are aiming high this June, looking to break their attendance record in either of the remaining home games this month: against Jubilo Iwata on June 14th or V-Varen Nagasaki on June 21st. The record attendance at the stadium is 11,719 for the Gamba game last year but the club are hoping to get past that and even up near 15,000.

Yesterday, despite horrendous weather conditions in Gifu (think English summer and you’ll be in the right ballpark) Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi & Hiroaki Namba were out at JR Gifu station at rush hour handing out flyers encouraging people to buy tickets and come to the games.

Captain Yoshi is also doing a public event next Sunday at a local AEON shopping mall, 3 players will be handing out flyers in Ogaki today and there will be a TV blitz with Yoshi, Santos & Ruy Ramos all appearing on local TV within the next week.

President Onda has also been very visible, pressing the flesh in many places around Gifu, a very welcome turn of events. He, and the club are banking on:

  • People getting in “football fever” mode due to the World Cup
  • The fact that Jubilo are one of the biggest clubs to visit Nagaragawa, complete with star players like Maeda, Matsui, Popo, Yamada
  • No J1
  • The games are on Saturdays (so no need to worry about work the next day)
  • Free gifts for people who come to the game
  • Extra entertainment

Stand by for some more upcoming announcements about matchday activities. But tell everyone you can to get down there on the 14th & 21 of June!!!