Project 15,000: mission accomplished

Forget the 4-0 defeat, the 15,138 crowd is almost the biggest story. In the end, it is a huge win for the Gifu PR department and the new president Satoshi Onda. He and the rest of the PR team did a phenomenal job in attracting that many people to the game. No doubt it was the perfect storm of World Cup fever, No J1 and Jubilo coming to town, but the staff have been absolutely everywhere promoting this game.

In no particular order, the PR team have been:

  • on local TV
  • outside the main train stations
  • In local shopping malls
  • to outlying towns & cities
  • players have been on national TV shows

A massive “Good job” is due to everyone involved. But they aren’t resting on their laurels because they are aiming as high for this weekend’s game with V-Varen Nagasaki. Any Gifu city resident can get in for free, and the club are hopeful (weather permitting) of getting 10,000 + to this game as well.

The arrival of Onda as president has coincided with a spike in the use of social networks, specifically Twitter & Facebook, as a promotion tool. Right now, the FC Gifu official Facebook page has 9,161 “likes” – double what it had at the start of the season, while the official FC Gifu Twitter ( @FCGifuDREAM ) has nearly got 3,000 followers. THe content of these accounts is promotional and has been used to good effect.

Long may that continue. Maybe they should use English on those accounts too……. 😉


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