Anyway, enough of the Grease tributes (you did spot that, right?) and on to the promotion of FC Gifu’s summertime schedule.

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This July & August, Gifu host:

  • Yokohama FC – July 20th
  • Fagiano Okayama – July 30th
  • Ehime FC – August 10th
  • Tokyo Verdy – August 31st

In order to try and get people to brave the heat & humidity and come down to the Nagaragawa stadium, the club have a few plans up their sleeve.

  • Yokohama FC – Sunday July 20th, 6pm KO

At this game, there will be 10,000 towel scarves given away for free, perfect for the summer season. They will also give out some popular kids trading card (ガンバライジング) – 3,000 of them to be precise.

  • Fagiano Okayama – Wednesday July 30th, 7pm KO

This is the “Kirin Beer Thanks Match” so of course there is a beer festival – Nama beers at ¥390, can’t go wrong. There will also be live Jazz to relax to while you sup your ice cold Kirin.

  • Ehime FC – Sunday August 10th, 7pm KO

A “Seino Holdings Thanks Match”, this has a transport theme with a “のりもの” exhibition. Basically there will be a number of different trucks/transport there for kids to get in and have their photo taken in etc. Seino holdings – operator of one of Japan’s largest logistics groups – are one FC Gifu’s main backers.

Also, if people turn up wearing a Yukata (traditional summer kimono) they will receive a free upgrade (if they wish) from the back stand to the main stand.

  • Tokyo Verdy – Sunday August 31st, 6pm KO

A treat for Anime fans here as there will be a のうりん themed event at this game. If you don’t know Nourin (のうりん) don’t worry, neither do I. But, I’ve found out some things. Basically, Nourin is connected with Agriculture and so ties in well with it being the “Tajimi Hometown day” as Tajimi’s fruit and veg is quite well known in the central Japan area.

Nourin is a character in a novel/series by author Shiro Shiwatori, an author that hails from Tajimi. Nourin is set in the Gifu prefecture city of Mino-Kamo and is all about a girl who embraces agriculture & forestry. It is award winning, and features real places in Gifu.


(c)2014 白鳥士郎・SBクリエイティブ/のうりんプロジェクト

So there you go. Plenty of reasons to get down to the Nagaragawa Stadium this summer. Oh, and don’t forget there is action on the pitch as well!!