Rest in Peace

Of course, I’m an FC Gifu supporter. But I’m also a fan of the J.League, and especially the supporters who help make games so enjoyable to watch. So it was with sadness that I learned of the tragic passing away of two Kyoto Sanga supporters yesterday.

The supporters were on their way to watch Sanga’s Emperor’s Cup game away at Gainare Tottori when their car was involved in crash in a tunnel on the outskirts of Kyoto. One of the deceased, Nakamoto-san, was one of the Sanga call leaders who, according to various sources, helped organized donations to Gifu’s survival fund when Kyoto visited Nagaragawa in the recent past. Almost every response to this has been along the lines of “it is so sad to lose a fellow J.League fan.” My sentiments exactly.

My thoughts go out to their families, friends & fellow Kyoto supporters. Rest in peace.  ご冥福をお祈りします.


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