FC Gifu 1-2 Yokohama FC

Another home game where points were given away from a winning, this was game where a crazy five minutes decided the game in the visitors favour.

FC Gifu starting XI: Kawaguchi, Masuyama, Abe, Kitani, Tanaka, Miyazawa, Henik, Takachi, Endo, Namba, Nazarit.

Gifu had what turned out to be the only real chance of the first when Junki Endo was sent through on goal, but the young striker pushed his shot just wide of Yuta Minami’s goal. Honestly, that was as good as the first half got – it really was a dull affair.

The second half was an altogether more entertaining affair.

Gifu took the lead in the 70th minute, and it was once again Keiji Takachi stepping forward to do it. A ball into the box from the right by Masashi Miyazawa was headed back across the box by Henik and Takachi timed his run to perfection to poke in and register his 6th goal of a thoroughly impressive season. It was a deserved lead, but Gifu fans know all too well that they are at their most vulnerable when in the lead – and so it proved again. Not 60 seconds after takng the lead, Yokohama were awarded a free kick on the edge of the Gifu area. Everyone switched off, the free kick was taken quickly to Ichimura who proceeded to smash the ball past Kawaguchi.

1-1, but Gifu were visibly shocked and was no surprise when Yokohama went in front in the 73rd minute. A free kick from the Gifu right was headed away, but too many players thought the danger was over and weren’t paying attention to Nagata who made a great run down the line and played a perfect cross for Jun Koike to finish.

So, once again, points have been lost at home. Yokohama only had three shots in the ntire game, but ended up scoring twice and coming away with the points. It is difficult to put my finger on what it is that enables this kind of situation. It should be that with plenty of experienced players Gifu should be able to see out these situations, but for whatever reason, it just isn’t happening. At the end of the season, the squad will look at these kinds of results (2-2 v JEF, 1-1 v Giravanz, 1-1 v Nagasaki, 1-2 v Yokohama – all of these games Gifu took the lead in) and think about what could have been.

Anyway, onwards and westwards as Gifu make their second trip to Shikoku this year when they take on Kamatamare Sanuki next week.


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