It has been announced that Junki Endo, Takumi Kiyomoto & Taisuke Mizuno are to be added to the list of players eligible for selection by the the Japan U22 representative team that currently participates in J.League Division 3.

Not that I’d necessarily like to see these players play for that team. I think they are good enough to command at least starting squad berths in Gifu’s top team. I would especially expect Endo & Mizuno to be in the FC Gifu squad more often than not from now until the end of the season. Endo looks like a real find for the team – confident, quick and not afraid to try things. Kiyomoto has yet to nail down a first team spot despite being on the bench a lot. I feel that he’s a player that Ramos wants to succeed – he has good feet, good passing and can dribble – but up until now he hasn’t shown enough consistently to warrant a regular first team spot.

All things considered, I would hope these three continue their footballing education while on the field for FC Gifu, not in the J-U22 team – a team/squad/concept that needs a very big re-thinking after the season has finished.