“Top of Kita-Alps” winners…….FC Gifu!!


Since last year, FC Gifu, Kataller Toyama & Matsumoto Yamaga have used their league results against each other to determine who is the top team in the central Japan region. This year, the results have gone as follows:

  • FC Gifu 3-0 Kataller Toyama
  • Matsumoto Yamaga 1-0 FC Gifu
  • Kataller Toyama 3-2 Matsumoto Yamaga
  • Kataller Toyama 0-0 FC Gifu
  • Matsumoto Yamaga 1-0 Kataller Toyama
  • FC Gifu 3-1 Matsumoto Yamaga

That leaves the final Kita-Alps table looking like:

  • 1. FC Gifu – 7pts
  • 2. Matsumoto Yamaga – 6pts
  • 3. Kataller Toyama – 4pts

It isn’t often FC Gifu win things, so we celebrated this yesterday!!


Unfortunately, with Matsumoto going up and Toyama going down, this won’t take place next year. Hopefully Kataller come straight back up and we can make it a Tokai-Hokuriku tournament with Zweigen Kanazawa & possibly Nagano Parceiro.


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