One of the more interesting sub-plots to Gifu’s last game of the year was the newspaper that linked Kyoto talisman Masashi Oguro, scorer of 26 J2 goals in 2014, to FC Gifu.

Obviously you can’t believe everything you read in the papers, but sports hochi were pretty bold in their claim that Ramos wants Oguro to spearhead the play-off push next year.


Obviously there are a few things that’ll have to fall into place for this to happen. One would assume Kyoto want to keep Oguro and he’ll have to decide whether he wants to stay in the cultural capital or head to the just as beautiful Nagara riverside. Another piece of the puzzle is the status of Nazarit. I’m certain that there’ll be a lot of interested clubs in both Japan & abroad looking at a 24 year old striker who netted 17 times in his debut season in Japan. If he leaves, I can see a case for Oguro being brought in.

One thing I wouldn’t want to see however, is the stunting of Junki Endo’s development. It is true that Junki can play out wide, but I’d love to see him play on the shoulder if the last defender because his pace will cause so many problems if he given licence to use it.

So, Oguro? Sure, why not? Just as long as Endo, and to certain extent Tomohiro Tanaka, aren’t just shunted aside. To be fair to Ruy Ramos, he has shown a willingness to play youngsters on merit and hopefully that will continue next year, but if Oguro can guarantee 15-20 goals, he’ll be hard to pass up.

Watch this space!!