Somewhat ironically, given Gifu’s relish in conceding goals this year and the fact that the opposition boasted the league’s top scorer, the final game of the year finished in a 0-0 stalemate.

FC Gifu starting XI: Kawaguchi. Masuyama, Mori, Kitani, Sekita, Henik, Miyazawa, Higa, Takachi, Namba, Nazarit

This was your typical, nothing to play for end of season fayre. Sure both sides had some decent chances. Takachi & Naza for Gifu, Oguro (of course) for Sanga but it was just as you would expect an end of season 0-0 draw to look like.  And for that reason I don’t particularly have to go into details.

After the game, Ramos addressed the supporters (800 of whom went to the game, a fantastic turn out) and said that Gifu will be stronger next year. Credit to Ramos, he has come out and faced the supporters in the last two weeks in order to opine on next year.

I’ll do a season wrap up post soon!