Okinawa camp

It is nice work if you can get it! FC Gifu are currently in Okinawa as they partake in some warm weather preparation for the forthcoming J2 season.

Whilst in the Ryukyu kingdom, they will have practice matches against:

  • Naha Nishi HS (Feb. 5)
  • Sagan Tosu (Feb. 7)
  • FC Ryukyu (Feb. 9)

Pre-season is always an important time of the year, but especially so this year for the defence. There are lots of new pieces in this year’s defensive puzzle and it will be vital for the likes of Yuki Fuji, Naoya Okane, Kazumichi Takagi and Keigo Omi to get to know their defensive partners.

Below are just some of the images that the official twitter account have posted

Enjoy the warm weather lads, because it is bitterly cold back here in Gifu!!

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