Okinwa camp report

Gifu will be heading back from their Okinawan camp soon, but they will be heading back after suffering defeats against J1 side Sagan Tosu and J3 side FC Ryukyu.

The defeat against Sagan Tosu was a 0-3 scoreline, a good reminder that the defence still has work to do to get ready for the new season. Tosu fielded Japan international Yohei Toyoda and ultimately proved too good for Gifu.

In their final game in Okinawa, Gifu lost 2-1 against “home” side FC Ryukyu. Young midfielder Takumi Kiyomoto scored Gifu’s goal and both back-up goalkeepers, Gakuji Ota & Satoshi Tokizawa, got some game time.

The word coming out of the camp is new signing Ryutaro Karube, a 22 year old graduate from Meiji University, is looking like a very good player. He certainly looks like an intriguing prospect. He stands at nearly 190cm, likes to get on the ball in midfield and spent time in Kawasaki Frontale’s youth system before going to university.

FC Gifu continue their warm weather training this week before heading back to a now-snowy Gifu.


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