Fagiano Okayama 3-0 FC Gifu

Sorry for the delay in this report, but I’ve been struck down with a horrible fever this week and I’m inky just recovering. Thus, this will be a very short report.

FC Gifu’s season got off to the worst possible start as they were beaten 3-0 by a slick Okayama side.

FC Gifu starting XI


Fukaya   Takagi   Sekita

Masuyama   Miyazawa   Henik   Fuji

Takachi   Kiyomoto


Ramos decided to go with 3 centre backs, with Masuyama & Yuki Fuji patrolling the wings. 2014 MVP Keiji Takachi and youngster Takumi Kiyomoto were given the task of supporting Hiroaki Namba up front

Gifu were beaten by goals from Ryo Tadokoro from close range, and counter attack goals by Eiichi Katayama and ex-Gifu idol Kazuki Someya.

Lets be obvious and say this wasn’t a good start. I could analyze the decision twin in the bo go with 3 centre backs, or to effectively play with 7 defensive mixed outfield players – but the truth is we won’t know if this was just teething troubles or something more serious until a few games in.

Gifu welcome Kamatamare Sanuki to Nagaragawa on Sunday, and Sanuki will be in buoyant mood after their opening day win over Oita Trinita. Gifu will have to be much improved, and probably much changed, to get their first win of the campaign.

See you there!


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