Fancy getting your hands on, or indeed in, one these freebies? Well, it/they could be yours if you head to Nagaragawa Memorial Centre on Sunday afternoon for FC Gifu vs Zweigen Kanazawa.

These are part of the “Gifu bus thanks match” promotion, and apparently they will be free for the first 10,000 people to come through the gates. “The first 10,000” seems pretty ambitious because I’m not sure if 10,000 spectators will come but you never know. And Gifu’s PR department are not afraid to think big. Also part of the thanks match are these funky little bottles:
Apparently there 2,000 of these to give away but you have to travel to the game by Gifu bus to get one.
Probably more famous than Gifu city itself is the rural town of Takayama, famous for its beautiful scenery and old town. FC Gifu are hosting a Takayama tourist booth where people can try food made with nationally renowned Takayama rice:
Dango (little rice balls cooked over a grill)
Grilled mochi rice stick
As usual, the food court will be the place to be before the game, loads of brilliant food to be had. It’ll be nice weather as well – get down there!!