Post match comments

This is what Ruy Ramos & Yoshikatu Kawaguchi had to say about the defeat against Zweigen Kanazawa.

FC Gifu coach Ruy Ramos

  • Kanazawa started the game better and got into their rhythm quicker than us, especially for the first 20 minutes. After that it was a bit more even, we had a good spell and then they would have a good spell. In the second half I wanted to try a tactical change by dropping Takachi deeper but it didn’t work. The worst thing for us today is that we didn’t win any second balls. By trying to make us more compact I hoped that we would be able to win more second balls, but we didn’t. Not at all.

Goalkeeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi


  • They (Kanazawa) were able to play the game they wanted to play.  They showed well and fought well. Their first goal came from a counter-attack, and after that we somehow couldn’t find our balance again and kind of lost our composure. When they scored first, our heads went down – and you struggle to get back into games when your heads are down.

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