Post match comments

FC Gifu manager Ruy Ramos:

  • We prepared for this game knowing that we would have to pressure Cerezo, and not let them settle. We knew we had to show some fight as well – it was clear that the supporters weren’t happy after the last game. We heard from them that “sometimes we have to lose, but to not put up a fight is not acceptable.” Today I think we showed good spirit.
  • Obviously the pitch condition wasn’t conducive to any kind of passing football so we had to keep our gameplan simple. Direct play, try to push their defence back and if the chances come, we had to finish them. We did that well in the first half.
  • Of course I’m upset about the circumstances of the first goal but I’ve experienced many many things in my career. The key is how you move on from them. It is my job to get their heads back up and ready for the next game.

FC Gifu forward Hiroaki Namba

  • If I had taken one of my chances today, I think the overall outcome of the game could have been different. A forward’s main job is to score goals and today Diego Forlan & Cacau did their job. We lost, but I think we played well and at least got some respect.

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