Injury news

FC Gifu are currently in the midst of a pretty bad injury run. Here are the latest reports from the club/training ground:

Ryutaro Karube: Cruciate ligament injury, scheduled for operation

Gifu’s young volante was having the best game of his fledgling career when he lost control of the ball on the edge of his own area and as he went to chase the ball his knee gave way underneath him. Non-contact injuries are always pretty difficult to get positive about, but this was a complete worst-case scenario. His return date is unknown, as it depends on the operation, but he will be lucky to see the field again this year.

Yuki Fuji: Knee ligament strain, out for 2-4 weeks

Again, it couldn’t have come at a worse time for Fuji as he was enjoying his best spell as a Gifu player. He was felled by a crude (to put it nicely) challenge from V-Varen Nagasaki’s Koichi Sato and the subsequent injury leaves him doubtful for the rest of this month.

Hiroshi Sekita: Foot cartilage injury, scheduled for operation

Gifu’s centre half has suffered a pretty rare injury, so rare that when needed to translate it, the name would only come up in Latin – the name is osteochondritis dissecans (or OCD for short). Basically it is when the cartilage around a joint becomes inflamed and it starts to rub against the bone. As with Ryutaro, his status will be updated after he undergoes surgery.

We wish them all a speedy recovery.


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