As is the trend these days in Japan, FC Gifu have appointed a cute young girl to act as the “supporter manager” – although what will happen is she will a focal point of PR activities.

The cute young lady in question is Nene Ito, a performer from the very popular idol group Nogizaka 46.


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Ms. Ito is from Gifu and, interestingly, started on the road to stardom as part of the FC Gifu cheerleading group “Green Angels”. She said about this appointment:

  • “I’m very excited to get this chance to help FC Gifu and Gifu itself. When I was a junior high school student, I was in the Green Angels and I also used to come to games at the stadium. I can’t wait to start doing PR things for the club, it is very exciting!”

I look forward to meeting Miss Nene! If you want to follow her on twitter, you can at @nene_ito1212