There is a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding the status of loan signing from Kyoto Sanga, Daniel Lovinho. Yesterday, one of the most reliable sources of transfer news from South America, Tiago Bontempo, released this tweet:

The implication being that one of Gifu’s Brazilians would be on their way out of the club. But it seems pretty strange if Gifu were planning to get rid of Henik or Leo Mineiro – both of them very popular players, and two of the better players in the squad.

Later, news began to come through that Kyoto Sanga, Lovinho’s parent club, were preparing for the departure of Masashi Oguro (which in itself is a huge story in J2) and they wanted Lovinho back as his replacement. Also, Daniel Lovinho has not been officially registered (as far as I know) as a Gifu player. You can see in this post (in Japanese) that Rodrigo’s release is official, but Lovinho’s registration is nowhere to be found.

All very mysterious, but with Gifu playing today I’m sure we’ll get some answers from the boss later on.