Yesterday (Tuesday), I went to see the squad training for the first time in a while. Here are some things I observed:

Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi is back

  • All three goalkeepers trained together, more-or-less separate from the rest of the squad. Kawaguchi looked sharp in the drills, although it was notable that Tokizawa and Ota were the ones who started the small sided game that finished off the session.

Gilsinho looks a little bit away from match fitness

  • He took part in all the fitness drills, but wasn’t part of the first team small sided game. Instead, he worked with the rest of the squad in a possession game

Leo Mineiro will be back soon

  • Leo still has taping around his knee, but looked sharp in the short sprints – looking quicker than most the other players even with the taping. This weekend will mark roughly six weeks since he injured his knee at JEF United, and I don’t think he’ll be out too much longer.

Taisuke Mizuno & Hiroshi Sekita both did light training

  • Taisuke’s arm is in sling because of his dislocated elbow, but he was doing some ball work off to the side. Hiroshi Sekita looked like he was working on his stamina as he did laps around the training field – something that easier harder than it looks when the temperature is 35 degrees plus.

Yudai Ogawa mixed in with the first teamers

  • Interestingly, he wasn’t even on the bench last week, but in this session he played a full role with the first choice team in the small sided game.
Yudai Ogawa doing some resistance drills

The spirit was good

  • Hiroaki Namba and Masanori “Oji-san” Abe had a few laughs together, and was NMB24 that set the upbeat tone for the training session.
Players do some heading work