Hello everyone, and I wish you a happy 2016.

As you have probably been able to tell, I didn’t update things as much as I wanted to in the final months of the 2015 season. Life, work and an assortment of issues led to me being away from this blog for too long. I’ve wondered whether there is still room for team/club blogs in an era of social media and the need for people to get their news in bite-sized chunks to read on the train/bus/lunch breaks etc. I’m not sure that there is, but I’m willing to give it another go this year.

In reaction to this, I’m going to change the way I operate this site. There will be very few match previews as those take the longest to do and aren’t very visually appealing. Match reports will be shorter as well because with the Sky Perfect video highlights that get uploaded, there isn’t really the need to explain what has gone on in the game if people can see for themselves.

What people can’t really get so much is reaction from the players/manager – although that might change given the return of the excellent J’s Goal website. So I’ll try my best to get as much reaction from the players & the manager as I can.

I’ll definitely keep as up to date as possible with news around the club & around the city as it relates to the team. Although how it all shakes out is yet to be seen.

Hopefully you’ll be able to follow the team here, on Twitter and on Instagram for the 2016 J2 season.