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Anyway, once again FC Gifu head off to Okinawa to “enjoy” some warm weather training in preparation for the season ahead. The team will play three warm up games in the Ryukyu kingdom:

  • Feb 6th vs Nishihara High School
  • Feb 10th vs SC Sagamihara
  • Feb 12th vs Grulla Morioka

The game against Sagamihara will be a reunion of sorts as Taira Inoue & Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi will face Gifu for the first time since they left the club.

In comments to the media before leaving, coach Ruy Ramos said:

“This year I want to implement a more aggressive philosophy. We need to improve the defence, and part of that will come from altering the balance between defence & attack. We need to utilize space more when we go forward. We can’t simply just hope to attack down the centre of the pitch, we have to look at getting the ball out wide and attacking from there also.”

These comments would seem to imply that the likes of Koya Kazama, Leo Mineiro, Junki Endo, Tsukasa Masuyama and all the other players who can play on the flanks are ticketed for a more important role. It will be interesting to see whether the games in Okinawa will shed any more light on the potential changes.