Welcome to 2017!

A very happy new year to all who follow this blog. This year will be the fourth year that this site will follow the fortunes of FC Gifu, and the first year where Ruy Ramos hasn’t started as manager. It has been an off-season of change in Gifu with a high turnover of players, and a seemingly increased emphasis on youth. In the following weeks I will try to give as detailed a run-down of the squad as possible, but it might be a bit more difficult for some as there are quite a few university graduates / unknowns. First, let me detail the aforementioned squad turnover.

Players in:

  • Victor – GK (Hospitalet, Spain)
  • Henik – Defender (Botafogo, Brazil)
  • Takayuki Fukumura – Defender (Shimizu S-Pulse)
  • Yuki Omoto – Defender (Hannan University)
  • Kentaro Kai – Defender (Hannan University)
  • Sisinho – Midfielder (Veria, Greece)
  • Yoshihiro Shoji – Midfielder (Renofa Yamaguchi)
  • Hideyuki Nozawa – Midfielder (FC Tokyo)
  • Yushi Nagashima – Midfielder (Kyoto Sanga)
  • Kyogo Furuhashi – Forward (Chuo University)
  • Kento Yabuuchi – Forward (Osaka Sangyo University)

So that stacks up to eleven new players, four of which are straight from university. It’ll be interesting to see how much playing time these youngsters get right out of the gate.

With the additions listed above, this is what the squad looks like as of now:


  • Yoshinari Takagi
  • Satoshi Tokizawa
  • Victor


  • Henik
  • Takayuki Fukumura
  • Masanori Abe
  • Masaya Tashiro
  • Jun Suzuki
  • Yuki Omoto
  • Kentaro Kai
  • Go Iwase


  • Daiki Tamori
  • Sisinio
  • Yoshihiro Shoji
  • Yuto Ono
  • Koya Kazama
  • Paulo Junichi Tanaka
  • Tsubasa Aoki
  • Hideyuki Nozawa
  • Yushi Nagashima


  • Hiroaki Namba
  • Ryo Takiya
  • Kyogo Furuhashi
  • Kento Yabuuchi


This is your 2017 squad! As the pre-season dawns, I’ll try and do as much profiling as I can, but it could prove difficult as there are a lot of players I simply haven’t seen a lot of. But that’s some of the fun of new players, you don’t know what you are going to get from them. Roll on the new season!!





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