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How to watch FC Gifu

So, you want to watch FC Gifu live? Of course you do, and may I say what a wise choice you’ve made. But how do you go about watching FC Gifu? From buying tickets, traveling to the stadium, getting some food…..hopefully this guide will help you.

Buying Tickets

There are plenty of ways to buy tickets for Gifu games. If you live in Gifu you can get them at:

  • Masa 21 shopping centre information desk
  • Nekonoyakusoko shop in JR Gifu Station’s Active G building. (it is just past the Konami gym)
  • FC Gifu club office, located at the Nagaragawa Sports Plaza on the 1st floor

If you don’t live in Gifu, or can’t get to the above places, then the convenience stores have you covered.

  • Seven Eleven
  • Lawson / Mini-stop – the Loppi (ロッピー) ticket machine
  • Family Mart – the Famiport (ファミポート) ticket machine
  • Circle K / Sankus – the Karuwaza machine (カルワザステーション)

These machines are mostly in Japanese, but if you ask the staff (or even just say FC Gifu ticket) they will know what to do and will help you. This is probably the easiest way of getting your tickets before the game.

You can also order tickets online (but most of the instructions are in Japanese). If you want to,  try:

Of course, you can always buy tickets at the stadium, on the day. The ticket office is located near the main entrance of the stadium (just to the right of the ticket gate).

Getting to the stadium

If you are planning to come by car you have to be aware that there isn’t really a lot of parking around the stadium, and it tends to get full early on matchdays. The stadium is located on the north side of the Nagara river, close to the Miyako Hotel. There is parking in the stadium complex, but it is limited.

If you decide to come by public transport, that can be done fairly easily. If you arrive at either JR Gifu station or Meitetsu Gifu station, the best idea is to head for the bus pools at those stations. If you are at JR Gifu, bus stops 10 & 11 will serve at the best ones to use. For adults, the journey to the stadium costs ¥200, for kids it is ¥100. On game days there are Gifu Bus staff there to help people, and I’m sure you’ll see people wearing the green FC Gifu kit, so just follow them. The same is true of the bus pool at Meitetsu Gifu station.

At the stadium

Although the football is the main reason you will go, there are other things to see/do/eat at the stadium. Outside the stadium, there is a “food village” with a wide selection of delicious food, a lot of it being trademark Gifu food. My personal recommendation is the Hida beef croquette (飛騨牛コロッケ) for ¥200 or you could splash out ¥500 on a Hida beef burger (飛騨牛バーガー).

Also in that area is a kids shooting practice game, where children have to kick the ball into different targets.

In the stadium itself, when you enter you will see the official goods shop directly in front of you. This is the place to grab your official replica shirt, scarves, towels etc. Usually on matchdays there is a サイン会 (autograph station) where injured/suspended players sit and sign things for fans. Usually this place is located at the back of the main stand, to the left as you walk in.


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