All aboard!

If you follow me on Twitter (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?) you will have seen me post this photo today:


This is, quite clearly, a bus with a big picture of Gifu coach Ruy Ramos on it. Look to the right, behind the rear wheel, and you’ll see the other two of Gifu’s “holy trinity’ – Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi & Alex Santos. This is just one example of the tie-up between FC Gifu and local bus service Gifu Bus.

Called a “wrapping bus” in the local lingo, these buses (I think there are three different designs) travel around Gifu portraying the faces of the team this year, along with details on upcoming matches. Also, on matchdays, the buses that go to the stadium show a “keyword” on the on-board monitors which can be turned into a free gift at the stadium.

It is a good idea for both parties, although it is a little bit unsettling when the bus stops outside my place of work, and it seems as if Ramos is staring at me…..


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